Fear Not

In this world that’s daily trying to make us feel fear, how do you “Fear Not”?

Check this article.

“Turn around and look back over the landscape of history. See all the spots where the soil was tilled with venom and spite for Christ-followers? And see how, from those very plots, His people have blossomed and grown and been made distinct from the weeds?

So what will it take for the world to see our Jesus?


Great source for discovering New Music

Ever find yourself curious as to how that ONE friend always has new cool unique artists to show you? If you wish you could bottle them up into a steady source for good music then look no further.

The Good Christian Music Blog is an awesome source for discovering new songs. They are all clean, Christ-Believing artists of all different types of genres. I use it for when I’m sitting in my office for listening to.

Try not to get bothered or distracted by the youtube ads every so often though.